U-Media has committed to practicing Sustainable Development, paying attention to the environmental, social, and corporate governance issues that are of concern to stakeholders. Maintain good communication channels with customers, suppliers, employees, or stakeholders, and understand and respond to feedback from stakeholders in real time.

Communication Method

  • Customer Contact
  • Supplier Contact
  • IR Contact
    Deputy Spokesperson: Jerry Wang
  • Employee information:If our employees want to know that relevant regulations and announcements, please refer to the company's internal website and internal bulletin board. If there is any need to respond, please contact the management department.
Integrity-related Issues
Communication with Stakeholders
U-MEDIA has always been building trust through integrity in all business activities, prohibiting corruption and any form of fraud. We have formulated the "Code of Ethical Conduct”, " Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles” and "Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles" for follow.
If you find that our employees or any relevant person on behalf of U-MEDIA may violate the ethical code of conduct or conduct business with integrity, please contact us. Your feedback, we will assign a dedicated unit to deal with it directly.
Communication with Stakeholders

Thank you very much for your assistance. The following would like to explain our personal data protection policy and reporting precautions for whistleblowers as follows :

  • The personal data provided by the whistleblower will be kept confidential unless otherwise stipulated by law, and appropriate protection measures will be taken in accordance with the law to maintain their personal data and privacy.
  • The whistleblower is requested to provide real identity information, event details and any relevant evidence. The lack of information may hinder the investigation and affect the processing time.
  • Please do not fabricate evidence or make false statements, the whistleblower must bear the relevant legal responsibility.
  • The whistleblower shall not disclose to anyone the content of the relationship between U-MEDIA and the whistleblower without the prior written consent of U-MEDIA, and shall not use the previously disclosed information to file a lawsuit against U-MEDIA or a third party, or use it as litigation materials use.

Investor Inquiry